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About me

Greeting from Brownsville, Texas!

This is where I was born and raised. Brownsville, Texas is a border town located in the southernmost part of Texas. We border with Matamors, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Brownsville is located about thirty minutes from South Padre Island, Texas. Perhaps I'm biased but I love the area I get to live in. 

I am the youngest of a family of seven born to Cirilo Rodriguez Garcia and Camila Rivas Balderas. My father was born and raised in Port Isabel, Texas, which is the crossover city to South Padre Island, Texas. His father Santana Garcia came over directly from Spain fleeing a war. I don't remember which one. That is the most interesting shareable fact from among all my grandparents. My father was a World War II veteran, business owner, social butterfly, amazing cook; a man of strong character and a short temper. My mother Camila, immigrated from Lomas del Real, Tamaulipas, Mexico, via the Rio Grande River. Yes, she was a truly courageous woman. Bore seven children with no epidural and with the assistance of only a midwife! Except for me, I was born at Valley Baptist Medical Center-Brownsville, formerly known as Brownsville, Medical Center. Ergo, I claim to be the only legitimate U.S. citizen!


Yes, I bare most if not all the characteristics of the last born child. Yes, I was extremely annoying to my siblings; and, yes, of course, they absolutely love me. I have been greatly blessed with grace and favor even though my relationship with YAH(GOD) didn't start until I was fourteen and about nine months old. I was raised Catholic. I was in the Christ the King choir for a bit. I loved that experience but when my best friend, Veronica, invited me to her Christian church when we started our freshmen year at Gladys Porter High School, I was blown away at the way the Word of YAH(GOD) was shared. It truly took on a different dimension for me. I gave my heart to YAHUSHA(JESUS) and my life took a completely different way. YAH(GOD) immediately delivered me from foul language and secular rock music. I didn't even ask Him to free me of those things. I assume He in His wisdom knew I needed to be free from the evil negative influence of that type of music and that I needed to be a good testimony to those around me. I wish I could tell you that all these years I am been perfect in all my walk and that I have remained completely faithful and without fault of any kind but that would be a lie. What I can tell you is that YAH(GOD) has been merciful and very kind and patient with me. He has allowed me to go through some very difficult trials; some as a result of my disobedience; others just for the Glory of His Name!!! Today I find myself in an incredible journey guided by His instructions, led by His RUACH HA'KODEH(HOLY SPIRIT), all within His perfect plan of redemption. He knows the end from the beginning. Nothing is hidden from His eyes. There is noting He does not hear or know. There is nothing He cannot do. He is the Most High Elohiym(God). Nothing escapes Him. This is the foundation of my faith and faith is the foundation of my life. 

In my quest, for truth, YAH(GOD), has partnered me up with an incredible slightly younger than me lady. Together we unknowingly embarked on an adventure of a lifetime; of which we are not sure where exactly it's going; but, we do know with all certainty that it is fortifying our spiritual lives, firming our walk in YAH'S(GOD's) ways and gifting us the honour and privilege of knowing Him more intimately. By the way, my friend and partner-in-ministry is Brenda Treviño. From this journey BEREAN BRANCHES/RAMAS BEREAS was born and entrusted to us. We are humbled and excited to share what our ABBA(Father) has shown us. We hope and pray that what we are prompted to share with you with reinforce your walk and relationship with YAH(GOD). Afterall, it is the most important relationship you will ever have. 

One of the more challenging trials ABBA(Heavenly Father), has carried me through is going through brain surgery on Thursday, January 14, 2010. Dr. Christopher Bogaev from San Antonio, Texas, removed a massive meningioma from the semi-center of my brain. We name it Mr. Benin since it was considered benign. I was left with loss of right peripheral vision, alexia(you see letter and words but you can't identify them; yet, you know how to spell them), clinical depression, irregular sleep/wake cycle. From one day to another I went from being completely independent to having to be driven places, read to, cooked for. I ended up isolating myself. Hopelessness was accompanied me. Especially when the recovery waiting period of eighteen months was up and I had basically not recovered much at all. My prayer was always YAH(GOD) rescue me, sustain me, send help. Being out in public was usually pleasant. I enjoyed people's company for the most part. The darkness was always awaiting at home. Unfortunately, I became addiction to several online streaming services. Since reading was not an option for the first several years, I found refuge in entertainment. To YAH(GOD) be the glory He has completely delivered me from that addiction. I am quickly approaching my eleven year post brain surgery anniversary. I can say that YAH(GOD) has been indescribably amazingly good to me. My reading is not what it used to be but I believe it's improving. I was never able to return to my job but now YAH(GOD) has opened doors so I can work from home through CAMILA'S HOUSE OF JEWELRY and now as a Brand Partner with TRESKIN which is an amazing organic medical-grade aloe vera based skin care and health supplement line that is simply unique in it's market because it truly works! compiles different websites for the aforementioned businesses and ministries. They are a work in progress, as are we. All we seek is to obey, please and glorify YAH(GOD). We hope and pray that you will visit these websites, be greatly blessed by them and contact us if you should have any questions or simply want to send us encouragement. 

Very truly yours,


P.S. Shalom!!!

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